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Dataparadise dedicated servers are fully customizable, enterprise-class servers that are powered by the latest Intel hardware. Each dedicated server includes our industry leading service level agreement (SLA), DDOS protection, 200 Gbps network and 24/7 Support. Hosted within one of our four state-of-the-art enterprise data centers, your server is ready for the challenge. Get your new dedicated server today.

Advanced Configurations

  DEDICATED Server   CPU Cores   MEMORY   DEFAULT Drives   BANDWIDTH  DDOS Protection

Xeon E3-1245
8 x 3.5GHz 16GB 1000GB HDD 10TB / 1TB port 10 Gbps / 10M PPS


Xeon E3-1275

8 x 3.6GHz 32GB 1000GB HDD 10TB / 1TB port 10 Gbps / 10M PPS


Dual Xeon E5-2630
16 x 2.5GHz 32GB 1000GB HDD 10TB /1TB port 10 Gbps / 10M PPS


What's Included?

All of our dedicated servers include:

→ 5 Usable IPs

→ 1Gbps Port Speed

→ Full Root Access

→ 24-7 Technical Support

Extra IP for Dedicated Servers

IP Subnet IP's Usable IP's Monthly price ($)
/29 8 5 $10/mo
/28 16 13 $26/mo
/27 32 29 $58/mo

Network Location